How to get back Disabled Facebook ID

How to get back Disabled Facebook ID ..!

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Appeal to appeal to get back ID: How to: -,

1. To appeal, first click on this link . (If any other Facebook sign in the browser has to be logged out before.)

2. Then, in the ‘ Login email address or mobile phone number ‘, enter your e-mail id or phone number.

3. Specify the name of your Facebook ID in the box ‘ Your full name‘ . (Specify the alternate name given on Facebook profile.)

4. Then, in the ‘ Your ID‘ box, attach a copy of your ID card to the scan copy, so that your name and picture are clear. Save that ID by saving it in JPEG format and upload it here. (National ID card / passport or driving license among your IDs is more acceptable to Facebook.

5. If there is additional information about your ID, you can give it to the ‘ Additional info ‘ home. In the meantime, if you have a friend number in your Facebook ID or a page or a group admin, you can specify the names with their names. (Although it is not very compulsory, it can play an important role in getting the ID back.)

6. Now click on the ‘ Send ‘ button and the appeal process will be completed.

Appeal results will be available in 24 to 72 hours. The hope for those whose real accounts have been closed is that Facebook never stays with the original ID, and does not keep pending.
There is a 99 percent probability of returning the ID when you give the required information of the appeal. Comment on any problem. And stay with TechGossip.

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