Grameenphone 3 Easynet Config’s with 3mbps speed

How are you all? Hopefully there is a lot better with the grace of Allah .

Are you using grameenphone free internet with easynet?

Grameenphone Easynet is the most talked topic now.

There is a lot of posting about the phone in the internet now-a-days. I do not want to post the phone, because some people are uncivilized, who do not understand anything unnecessarily.

However, the brothers have said many things to me.

Today I came for you, three configs of unstable speed GP
Hopefully you do not have to say anything about GP Engine, because many posts have been posted in this regard.

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Download And import the following config’s:

1.Kpn Tunnel Ultimate Config By ARIF

2.Eproxy Config By ARIF

3.Http Injector Config By ARIF

Those Config will expire on 24th of July so hurry.

Thank you.


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