Instagram With Two news features in Instagram Direct

After the update of Instagram both for iOS and Android, It has came up with two new features. First one is user can use both landscape/portrait mode and the ability to send website links via. Moreover, users will now be able to automatically see generated links for mobile phone numbers via Instagram Direct.

The company says that support for links in Instagram Direct is available for both Android and iOS users. However, landscape/portrait mode is currently only available on iOS and will be rolled out to Android soon.


After the update, users will able to select any photo or video in portrait or landscape orientation and send it to their friends. Earlier, it wasn’t possible to send selected photos/videos in their original orientation.

The update further introduces support for website preview links for Instagram Direct. The app will now enable users to share website links with previews, directly in the thread. Along with this, any addresses or phone numbers sent as Instagram Direct messages will automatically be converted to links.

Recently, Instagram released a new feature called ‘Archive’ feature for its iOS and Android apps. It enables users to hide certain posts from their profile without actually deleting them.

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Using the new feature, users can temporarily hide posted pictures/videos from their Instagram profiles. To do so, they simply have to click on the menu button on a photo and they’ll see an ‘Archive’ button. Once it’s tapped, the photo/video will be moved to the archive and will no longer show up on the profile.

Users can find the ‘Archive’ icon next to the Discover people option in their profile. Tapping on it will also allow the users to see all the posts they have archived. Users will also be able to choose an archived photo/video and share it on their profile again.

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