Why You Have To Update Firmware of Your DJI Spark Drone

Update Your Spark Drone

Recently DJI has declared they will turn off your Spark Drone if you don’t update firmware by September 1.

Chinese Company DJI has taken the big step as there were some complaints of Drone falling out of the sky. They think this occurred due to an issue withe the Spark’s Battery.

DJI Drone
Photo: DJI Drone

So they released a new firmware update for spark drone which will solve the battery problem.

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The Company Quoted,

DJI decided on the option of a mandatory firmware update in order to maximize flight safety and product reliability which we consider as top priorities

The new update is supposed to give user better stability, connectivity and the battery firmware.

They don’t want any user to face the battery issue so they have made the update compulsory. Because neither an user nor the manufacturer would want their product to crash down.

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As the update is mandatory so urry up. update your Spark drone before september 1.

Thank you.

Source: Quartz

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