Today is Google’s Birthday! It is turning 19 !

Today is Google’s 19th Birthday!

It’s Google’s birthday. It is turning 19 today. On this day, 19 years ago Google was founded. The year was 1998.

Google Logo Wikimedia
Photo: Google Logo
Source: Wikimedia

So we have some photo how google looked 19 years ago. We got the following snapshots from WayBack Machine

Google’s Birthday Special

In 1998, Google was mostly text-based.

Google 1998 WayBack Machine
Photo: Google 1998
Source: WayBack Machine

In 2004, Google looked like this:

Google 2004 WayBack Machine
Photo: How Google looked in 2004
Source: WayBack Machine

Previously Google had a ‘TM’ text next to the Google’s logo. In 2010, Google removed the weird text.

Google 2010 WayBack Machine
Photo: How Google Looked in 2010
Source: WayBack Machine


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In 2013, Google looked very similar as now it is. But if you are thinking it hasn’t changed much you are wrong. Google brought lots of new features like translator,map,store and improved previous features.

Google 2013 WayBack Machine
Photo: How Google Looked in 2013
Source: WayBack Machine

Google very hardly changes. Here’s how Google looks in 2017:



Google 2017
Photo: How Google looks in 2017
Source: Google

A big thank you to Google from all the internet users.

Source: TheNextWeb

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