Did The new iPhone X copy android phones?

Did The new iPhone X copy android phones or its a coincidence?

iPhone X - Cnet
Photo: The new iPhone X
Source: Cnet

The Apple iPhone X is a new smartphone from Apple that was announced on September 12th and will be releasing on October 27th. The new iPhone X has few features similar to android phones.

1. Wireless charging: Android has brought that feature long ago. As apple follows Nokia, Samsung, Google Nexus 5, so iPhone X has the feature.

Photo: iPhone X Dual Rear Cameras
Source: CNET2. No Home Buton: Nowadays, most of the android phones don’t have physical buttons, unlike that iPhone X also doesn’t have any home button.


3. Face Unlock: Well, this is not new to anyone! iPhone has this feature too.


4. Two Rear Cameras: Samsung Note 8 has OIS ( Optical Image Stabilization) which helps you to reduce shaking while clicking photos and videos.


iPhone X Dual Rear Cameras - Cnet
Photo: iPhone X Dual Rear Cameras
Source: CNET

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5. OLED Display: Samsung will be providing OLED Display to iPhone X.

6.Larger Display Size: The iPhone X is the first time Apple’s cracked a 5.5-inch screen size that gives you more roams to read, play games etc.


7.Slim bezels and edge-to-edge screen:  iPhone X doesn’t have a home button, But it has a screen-to-body ratio and glorious edge-to-edge display. Xiaomi, Samsung and LG are some of the first phone makers to shave down unsightly bezels.

Source: CNET

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