BDVoucher App will notify you about discounted product services in Bangladesh

Now a mobile app can be found through the discount information of different products or services. This type of app is available in different countries of the world but for the first time in Bangladesh this service is introduced.

This app is named as BDvoucher. At present, more than 2,000 offers of more than 100 sub-categories of 20 categories are always available in the app. Apart from this, a lot of discount offers are added every day.

Whenever a product or service is offering discounts / offers, you can know through this app. That is, only one click can get any related information. In addition to the mobile app as well as from, you can also see these offers. is the manufacturer of the marketplace, referring to it. Where the information and services of all types of products and services are available in the same place.
There is a great deal of time searching for discounts or offers while shopping. So from now on, you can not find the offer at the store and visit and BDvoucher Android App. It will save time and money both.

For example, if you want to buy a refrigerator, then all companies will go to the showroom to find out their offers. Going to a showroom, we found 5% discount, and in other places it was possible to buy a credit card. In another place maybe freeing something with the freeze. Then you will get difficulty on what to buy or not.

To overcome this confusion, has come up with an excellent app. You can use this app on Android phone and which will get all the important information in a minute.

There are several features on thee BDvoucher app. Besides, new additions will realease soon. For example, users of the app can use GPS technology using their mobile to know what the offer is running around their current location.

Also, request for an offer of your choice, introduction of mobile push notification, offer information about the offer, whether in a shopping mall or in a shopping area, through automatic mobile push notifications, what kind of offer is going on in any store.

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In addition, there are special discounts for BDvoucher users, there are various features including discount offer gift benefits, search for any product or service through voice search.

Not only this, users can request to create an offer if they want.

By using this platform, merchants will be able to promote their offered products. Since all the people want to get discounts or offers, this app is easily possible to win the mind of the customers.

For any information about this, you can visit You can download the app from the Play Store. You can also always get updates from on Facebook. Android version of the app download link

You can see how this app works: video

If you have any questions about discount offer, please call 09613-336699 or email at

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