Whatsapp released a new feature of Colorful Status Update like Facebook

Colorful Status Update on Whatsapp  !

Whatsapp recently released a new feature of  ” Colorful Status Update. Now you can update your Whatspp Status with colorful background. You can add text,links with background photo and video.

WhatsApp colorful text Status update
Whatsapp/ VentureBeat


As we all know Facebook already released that feature. Facebook released that feature in December,2016. The statuses last for 24 hours like snapchat. Now almost every social media is adding this feature. So do Whatsapp.

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Colorful Status is supposed to attract user and get  more engagement. But many user find this feature annoying, but Facebook is still ok with this.

We all know that Facebook owns Whatsapp. So they are doing experiments with this but its a bit weird. You don’t see a company doing this kind of experiments.

Whatsapp also added this feature on Whatsapp Web


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