How to add more emotion’s on Ridmik Keyboard

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Today I am here with a mega trick of changing emotions of Ridmik Keyboard.

Download modded Ridmik Keyboard board

If you are Bangladeshi then you might be using Ridmik Keyboard. Most of the people do. But you might not like the emoji on Ridmik . There are 75 emoji’s but most them that you don’t need. So you csn use this trick.


Things you will need is a Android phone, two apps.

obviously first one is Ridmik keyboard itself! the second one is  APK Editor Pro. I’m not giving the links. You will find those two apps on Google Play Store or on internet.

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  1. Download all the apps.
  2. Open ApkEditor Pro. Select Ridmik Keyboard app from the app list.
  3. Select Full Edit .
  4. Go to xml folder.
  5. Scroll down you will find 3 files “kbd_smiley1.xml, kbd_smiley2.xml and kbd_smiley3.xml”
  6. Replace the codes by
  7. Rename them. And save this. Install it and you are ready to go

  8. ss

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