Taylor’s special message about her next single ‘Timeless’ !

Taylor Swift is breaking the internet like a storm

Timeless !!

As all know Taylor Swift was out of the social networking sites for a while! Her fans strongly believed that She would make a huge comeback ever.

Starting the post with this tweet:

Yes they were right. She made her comeback by posting a 10 seconds long video of snake. Then she posted another video. But this one is 20 seconds long.

This has taken the internet like a storm. Meanwhile #TS6ISCOMING hashtag was trending on Twitter for a while.

Recently a song lyric site called Genius indexed Tay’s upcoming album. We found there her rumored upcoming single ‘Timeless

Then we tried to go deeper. We found a website of Timeless which says :


Coming Soon


Here is it:
Taylor Swift -Timeless
Photo: Taylor Swift –Timeless

I tried to match the font used in the website with Tay’s autograph, these doesn’t match but both are very similar.

Here is Tay’s Autograph:

taylor swift autograph
Taylor Swift Autograph


Taylor Swift

Tay’s to Release her 6th album


We haven’t got any confirmation but the situation,snake,TS6 album rumor, Disappearing from public are indicating that site belongs to Taylor swift and she always gives secret messages. Is this also her secret message ?

Let us know.

Comment bellow.


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